Betting on golf: what is it?

Golf is a fairly well-known sport around the world. And just for that reason, it has also become popular within online gambling. The procedure comes down to choosing a company to bet with, registering, making a deposit and predicting your favourite player’s result.  Combined with the ability to make golf games betting both in mobile apps and with the use of bonuses, it becomes a truly amazing experience for every fan!

Betting games for golf: rules of the game

Golf is a sport in which participants, teams, compete against each other. The aim of the tournament is to drive a small ball into a special hole by hitting it with a club. This is particularly difficult in terms of limiting the distance and number of strokes. Everything takes place on a special course. This consists of a starting area, the tee area, the main area, a special, very short (5-10 mm) mown area with a hole cut out in the middle of it, the “putting green”. There may be various obstacles on the playground: water obstacles, sand obstacles, bushes, trees, tall grass.

Best tournaments for golf betting

When it comes to what tournaments and competitions there are, it should be remembered that the sport is generally considered to be individual. Success depends solely on one player and his personal details and characteristics. Competitions can be domestic or international. However, there are also cases where participation is still considered collective. These can be group representatives from the same country as well as associations of golf clubs. Nevertheless, regardless of the category of participation, there is currently a list of competitions which attract fans’ attention:

  • The Masters Tournament);
  • The US Open;
  • The Open Championship and the PGA Championship.

Best companies for golf betting and with the best golf betting odds

In today’s world there are many platforms where you can place golf bets. There are also many bookmakers in the offline world who can help you do this. However, for comfort, it is better to do it at home, in a relaxed environment and without having to perform unnecessary actions. The following companies providing their services online can help you with this:

  • 1xbet;
  • 1win;
  • Parimatch;
  • Megapari;
  • Melbet;
  • FairPlay;
  • Dafabet and more.

The criteria for making this list are simple. The number of betting options, favourable odds and markets, bonus programmes with minimum wagering conditions, availability of an app, availability of a specific language and currency are all taken into account.

What is the right way to bet on golf?

Betting on golf is not unlike such activity in other sports. However, this can only be understood by those who have already taken part. For beginners, a special guide has been developed to make it easier for them to immerse themselves in the world of online gambling:

  1. Decide on the company in which you will be taking part in betting activities;
  2. Register on the website or app of the company of your choice;
  3. Verify the player’s account to be able to make payments;
  4. Make a deposit and ensure that you are credited with the welcome bonus, if any;
  5. Open the sports section and select golf;
  6. Place a bet on your favourite competitor with the odds and markets of most interest to you;
  7. Wait for the finish line.

And remember, many companies also offer users the option of betting in Live mode, where you can do everything in real time. And, in some cases, while watching the broadcasts!


Regardless of which company you choose to bet with, you won’t be able to stay indifferent to such activities. After all, this way you can do what you love (watching games) with maximum profit. The most important thing about it is the stability of taking part and a fully controlled approach to it. Golf is a fairly relaxed game that doesn’t require any dynamism or quickness. Carefully study the statistics, the individual scores of the players and their associations. This will help you to make the most of it!