Best strategy for golf betting

Bookmakers often cover golf competitions, ranging from prestigious tournaments to even amateur events. So, you can confidently expect to find odds for any stage of the game on the website of any bookmaker.

Moreover, golf competitions involve a large number of golfers (around 200 or more). Naturally, the majority of them are clear underdogs, and the main competition is among the top 10-20 athletes.

Golf Tournaments

Online bookmakers offer numerous betting markets for major golf tournaments, including:

US Masters

The first of the four major professional golf championships. Time: the first week of April. Golf Course: Augusta National Golf Club. Since 1934;

US Open

The second of the four major professional golf championships. Time: mid-June. Golf Course: varies. Since 1985;

British Open

The oldest of the four major professional golf championships. Time: July. Golf Course: one of the nine courses in Scotland or England. Since 1860;

PGA Championship

“Glory’s Last Shot.” Time: mid-August. Golf Course: Varies depending on the venue. Since 1916;

Ryder Cup

A golf competition between teams from Europe and the USA. Time: every two years. Golf Course: varies. Since 1927;

PGA Tour

Time: numerous weekly events. Golf Course: varies. Since 1916.

Popular Strategies

Bettors consider the following strategies to be popular and effective in golf betting:


This is a method of placing bets on multiple outcomes simultaneously. The bettor places bets on at least 2-4 strong golfers. If one of the players wins, the bet is profitable;

Outsider to be placed in the first round

There are many favorites in golf, but they conserve their energy for the final stages. Therefore, often in the first round, golfers who were not expected to win end up being placed. If the bettor closely follows the games, they can choose a promising outsider and place a bet with a decent coefficient on their placement in the first round;

Top golfers of the tournament

The bettor analyzes the statistics of one of the favorites in recent matches. If the player consistently finishes in the top places, bets can be placed on their inclusion in the top players of the championship.

Monitoring odds in the line

If a bookmaker significantly reduces the odds on a particular golfer’s victory before the start of the next stage of the tournament, it means that someone has placed a large bet on their win. The bettor can also place a bet on the same athlete.

How to analyze the game?

When choosing a suitable golf bet, it is necessary to consider the entire complex of factors – both key and secondary:

  • Golfer’s position in the world rankings;
  • Current performance of the athlete in the season (prioritizing performances in prestigious tournaments);
  • Golfer’s success on a specific course;
  • Weather conditions (for short-term bets and live betting);
  • Athlete’s strategy for the stage, proper club selection (in live betting).

When placing bets, rely on your own knowledge and experience. Even professional bettors make mistakes, the main thing is to be profitable in the long run.

Types of Golf Bets

Online bookmakers offer a wide range of betting markets for golf, including:

  • Tournament Winner: Predict which player will win the tournament;
  • Head-to-Head Bets: Place a bet on one player to defeat another;
  •  Winning Margin: Decide how much the winner will lead by compared to other contenders – 1, 2, 3, 4, or more strokes;
  • Top 5 or Top 10 Bets: Choose a group of players, usually 5-10 athletes, and bet on which one will outperform the others in the selected group. If the chosen player loses to any other player, your bet loses;
  • Worst of Three: Place a bet on which of three golfers will have the fewest points in the initial stages of the tournament (golfers are divided into groups of three);
  •  Nationality Bets: Bet on the nationality of the winner;
  •  First Round Leader: Predict which player will be leading after the first round of the four rounds;
  • Making the Cut: Bet on whether a player will make the cut to qualify for the subsequent rounds of the tournament;
  • In-Play Betting: Place bets on golf while the competition is already in progress.;
  • Special Bets: For example, betting on when a player will announce the end of their professional career.

Betting Tips

Learning how to bet on golf is achievable for everyone. Below is a list of expert recommendations that will help you navigate the discipline:

Study the statistics before placing a bet

Statistics play a crucial role in golf since the course layouts remain largely the same over the years. If a player performed well on a particular course last year, the same scenario may repeat in the current year;

Pay attention to the current form of players

Underdogs rarely excel in this sport. While they may win an individual round, they typically don’t perform consistently well enough to be in contention for the overall victory. Therefore, it’s better to bet on players who are performing strongly in the current season;

Don’t forget about the weather

Some courses are known for challenging conditions, particularly strong winds. This additional factor can disrupt players’ plans and strategies;

Watch the matches

You don’t necessarily have to dedicate all your free time to weekly golf tournaments. However, watching the initial rounds before placing bets on subsequent stages can provide valuable insights.


Golf is an international sport of high prestige, more popular in some countries than basketball and hockey. While many people talk about it, only a few truly understand it. Bookmakers offer extensive betting markets with favorable odds, making it an attractive segment for betting. The principles of making predictions remain the same: analyze, seek the opinions of colleagues, and trust your intuition. In this overview, we provided maximum useful information in this area. Combine it with your own experience, proven tools, and strategies, and the results will not be long in coming.