How to bet on golf?

Golf betting offers an exhilarating opportunity to engage in wagering activities, featuring a diverse array of promising professionals and captivating personalities. Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka have revitalised the sport, bringing a fresh perspective, while players such as Bryson DeChambeau (also known as The Scientist) demonstrate innovative thinking. With the increasing prevalence of the LPGA in numerous sportsbooks, the options for golf betting have expanded significantly.

Gaining Proficiency in Terminology

In the North American region, golf betting odds are typically expressed using the American system. The odds for a player are denoted by a plus (+) sign and indicate the potential winnings on a $100 wager. If Rory McIlroy is listed with odds of +700 (equivalent to 7-1), a bettor stands to win $70 by placing a $10 wager on McIlroy.

Let us now delve into a comprehensive examination of the wagers showcased on sportsbooks, alongside fundamental terminology pertinent to golf betting.


Outrights, also known as “outright winners,” refer to wagers made on the player who is predicted to emerge as the victor in a given tournament. The majority of PGA tournaments typically include a field of over 100 players, thereby presenting an opportunity for substantial financial gain even when supporting a favoured player. Preferred choices are commonly indicated with odds ranging from +600 (6-1) to +1300 (13-1). Outright bets offer the most substantial payouts.

Bets on Finishing Positions

Place bets, also known as finishing position bets, involve predicting the players who will achieve positions within the top five, ten, or twenty in a tournament. In general, bets placed on finishing positions tend to yield relatively smaller payouts and are subject to the application of dead-heat rules. To clarify, if you place a wager on Brooks Koepka to secure a fifth-place finish, and he happens to tie with another player, the payout will be divided equally among the tied players, proportionate to the number of individuals sharing the same position.


Matchups refer to wagers placed on the outcome of a round matchup, rather than the overall tournament, and are a significant aspect of golf betting education. In the context of matchups, the odds are typically presented with a designation of a favourite (-) and an underdog (+). Customers have the option to place bets on either spreads or moneylines. In spread betting, punters have the option to select a golfer and predict their victory or defeat by a specific margin, referred to as a handicap. In the context of moneylines, a bettor makes a prediction regarding the outcome of a specific round, specifically which player will emerge as the winner.

Proposition bets

Proposition bets encompass a diverse array of wagering options available for various events, including the realm of golf betting, which offers a multitude of such opportunities. Certain proposition bets are specific to individual players. As an illustration, individuals interested in betting can place wagers on various outcomes related to Brooks Koepka’s performance, such as predicting whether his first-round score will exceed or fall below a specific value, or speculating on the likelihood of him achieving a hole-in-one, among other possibilities. Two of the most frequently encountered proposition bets pertain to the nationality of the champion and head-to-head wagers on the player expected to achieve the highest level of success within a group.

Value bets

Value bets are not categorised as a specific type of golf bet, but rather serve as a means to assess the odds in terms of their potential payout. Experienced bettors seek out complimentary betting opportunities, as well as wagers that offer favourable odds. In the realm of golf, value bets are ascertained by conducting a thorough analysis of a player’s likelihood of emerging victorious in a tournament and subsequently comparing it to the odds provided by a reputable sportsbook.

Let us examine an illustrative example. If Jordan Spieth is listed with odds of +900 to win the US Open and has a statistical probability of winning of 20% based on the number of entrants, the value of the bet can be calculated by multiplying these two figures and subtracting 1. In this scenario, a value of +900 represents odds of 9-1, and is conventionally expressed as 9.

(9 x 0.20) – 1 = (1.8) – 1 = .8

According to golf betting tips, it is advisable to place wagers only when the potential outcome exceeds zero. Therefore, supporting Spieth (as illustrated in this instance) would be a favourable decision. 

Guidelines and Strategies for Achieving Success in Golf Betting

Leveraging Early Markets and Future Investments

The probabilities associated with a player’s success in a tournament are subject to variation based on their performance and the corresponding financial support they receive. I have a personal inclination towards placing wagers prior to the commencement of an event, wherein I diligently seek out golfers who possess a cost-effective value proposition while demonstrating the potential to excel on the specific golf course for that particular week.

As of the current moment, Bryson DeChambeau is listed with odds of +360 for achieving a top-10 finish. If a stake of $100 is made, the estimated payout would amount to $460, resulting in a profit of $360 in addition to the initial stake. If DeChambeau places third after the initial two days, his value increases significantly. If the current odds for his bet are +125 and I place a wager of $100, my potential payout would amount to $225.

It is possible for the opposite to be true in certain cases. Suppose Bryson performs suboptimally in the initial round, resulting in his placement at the 80th position. Subsequently, he adopts a highly cost-effective approach. For instance, if you support him at that particular point, his chances of securing a top 10 position may decrease significantly to an improbable figure such as +1200. Investing $100 in him at this point has the potential to yield a payout of $1,300.

Understanding In-Play Betting and Live Markets

Monitoring live betting markets offers significant potential for generating substantial profits, provided that one possesses a comprehensive understanding of the game. I would like to discuss the scenario of a three-ball bet for the upcoming 2023 U.S. Open, featuring the golfers Scottie Scheffler, Collin Morikawa, and Max Homa.

Scheffler is currently the favoured candidate with even odds to achieve the lowest first-round score in the group, whereas Max Homa is priced at +240. In the event that Scheffler records three bogeys within the first five holes, while his partners maintain an even par score, there is a possibility that his price may decrease to +350.

Placing a wager of $100 at odds of +350 offers the possibility of a payout amounting to $450. As the current top-ranked player in the world, Scottie Scheffler has demonstrated exceptional performance this season with 12 top 10 finishes. With his remarkable skills and determination, Scheffler possesses the ability to reverse his fortunes and achieve the lowest round score within his group.

Utilising Technology and Data Resources

There is an abundance of statistics and software available today that can greatly assist in making well-informed decisions. The PGA and DP World Tour Stats department is a highly valuable resource that offers a wealth of information and insights on every player. It is an ideal starting point for gathering comprehensive data.

Since 2021, I have found significant assistance from the RickRunGood Golf Betting Data site. There is a subscription fee of either six months or annually. However, considering it as an investment to improve your selections, it can be regarded as a reasonable cost.

In light of the comprehensive analysis conducted by our team of golf betting experts

It is advisable to remain informed about current news and seek guidance from experts. However, exercising discretion is crucial and one should refrain from acting on every piece of information received. Instead, I rely on the insights and perspectives of others to assess the thoughts and opinions of individuals regarding the upcoming tournament. Based on my extensive research, I have developed a strategy that I believe to be effective. It is crucial for me to refrain from blindly adopting the approaches of others.

If you are interested in receiving guidance from a knowledgeable golf betting expert, I recommend following RickRunGood. He regularly shares valuable insights, expert picks, and comprehensive course analysis through his Tuesday tips and videos. Individuals who are not yet prepared to make an investment in data analytics software can still acquire valuable insights into each tournament. However, it will be necessary for you to complete homework assignments afterwards.

Participating in Golf Betting Communities and Forums

One can actively participate in discussions with fellow golf enthusiasts on platforms such as Reddit and GolfWRX. However, I generally refrain from participating in online forums as I have observed that they can be time-consuming and have a tendency to instill doubt in one’s decision-making process. It is advisable to adhere to your established strategy and leverage your extensive research and expertise to arrive at the most optimal decision for managing your bankroll.