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Placing bets on your number one star requires alot of insight. Here at Bet on Golf system we strive to provide you and ourselves with information that can assist us in preparing for the ultimate bet. To hope it leads to that Ultimate Win

portugal Masters

Portugal Masters Betting Tips


The Portugal Masters has been held on the Victoria course since 2007. This course was designed by Arnold Palmer and it is a beautifully manicured course that is 7 227 yards.


Tips for Betting

Bernd Wiesberger 12/1 with Ladbrokes has a good record with two top 5 finishes before last years tournament was reduced to 36 holes. Bernd comes into the week after top 5 finish at the Alfred Dunhill Links championship and so far this year he has had a win, two runners up and three other top 6 finishes.

Tommy Fleetwood 22/1 with Coral has left his charge late at the British Masters, but his final round saw him get into the top 15, which is his second top 15 in the last two weeks. This year he has had four top 10 finishes and no wins.

Soren Kjeldsen 20/1 with BetVictor has had two runner up and two top 10s from the last six starts as well as a win an another runner up finish this year. He doesn’t have a good record for the Portugal Masters, but he has come into this week with confidence and good golf game.



Golf Betting Strategy


Golf is one of those games that you either love or you hate, but golf betting has proved to have the ability to unite everyone. However, it can be tricky to know where to start with golf betting.

Here is a look at golf betting and how to go about it.

The Best Golfing System

Player History

The type of course, lay out of green, the time of year, weather and location will all have a massive bearing on the outcome. If you choose to back a player that had a great performance at the Open championship in Scotland there is little to suggest that the performance will be repeated in California a few days later. Players will perform better on certain types of courses so you should check their history.

Top 10 Finishes

Even if your player hasn’t won in a while it shouldn’t stop you from betting. There are a number of markets at bookmakers covering modern golf such as the Top 10. Here you will find a look at the season stats. This will tell you if your player is in the top 10 and where they have been placed recently.


Golf players have their favourite courses, but you should look at what a player is good at. You should start by investigating the challenges of the course like does it have monster fairways, check the PGA or European stats for the biggest hitters off the tee. See what the course is about and then find those that are best equipped to deal with it.

There is no quick fix to making money with golf betting and you will need to have dedication to investigate every aspect before you place a bet.


golf banker

Golf Banker Review


golf bankerA great sport to bet on is golf but as there are so many top players involved in golf tournaments it can be tricky to know who to put money.

With golf tournament it can look like 7 or 8 golfers have a chance of actually winning, but Golf Banker may help the process of who to put money on.

As golf betting can be difficult to navigate through it is best to look at the favourable odds and to think about the different betting odds that are available.

There is a range of betting opportunities for players. You can bet on players to win but also head to head wins, scoring over or under a certain score and where players will finish in a to tournament.

Golf Banker provides you with all the information that you need. This will then save you time and also as a golfing fan you will find interest in the tips. Having golf tips sent to you via email will make golf betting a lot easier.

By getting these tips you will be given a real chance of making some money, which will also increase the excitement about an upcoming golfing event.

On the website you will find some of the successes of the system that have happened in the past year and you will notice that there have been some big wins.

Golf Banker stands out as there are genuine opportunities to make money from golf betting because of the wide array of bets. You will need to learn about these bets so that the system delivers.

Golf Banker has also made a change to its payment system. They use to require players to make monthly payments, but players are now asked to make a one off payment. This makes the process simpler and also you will know when you are starting to make pure profit.

Also Golf Banker allows people to try the system with their 60 day 100% money back guarantee.

Golf Wagering


Golf Wagers

There are three types of golf betting wagers that a gambler is able to make for a golf tournament. They are able to bet on a particular golfer to win the tournament, bet on a golfer that will place within the top three or they are able to bet golfer will place higher than another.


One Golfer Golf Bet

When you look at the odds for a golfer it will generally be displayed like this:

  • Tiger Woods + 150
  • Phil Mickelson + 250
  • Steve Stricker + 300
  • Jeff Overton + 700
  • Ernie Els + 700
  • Field + 600

These are line odds which mean if you for instance bet $10 on Tiger Woods you would then receive $15 dollars back if he wins. Your wager is then returned to you on a winning bet, unless you decide to bet with a sportsbook.

A sportsbook will need you to pay for the wager upfront and then you will receive your winnings and wager back. For instance if you bet $10 on Overton you receive $80 back instead of just $70.

The Field option that is listed will generally consist of all the other golfers besides those that have been listed by the sportsbook.

When you bet on Field you will be betting on more than one golfer with just one wager however these three golfers will be those that are given the least opportunity to win.

Golf Betting on a Golfer to Finish in the Top Three

When you decide to bet on a golfer to finish in the top three the odds will then be lower because the sportsbook will need to pay off three different winning bets instead of just one.

For instance the odds for the golfers as listed above, to finish in the top three would look like this:

  • Tiger Woods – 160
  • Phil Mickelson + 100
  • Steve Stricker + 110
  • Jeff Overton + 200
  • Ernie Els + 200
  • Field – 110

For instance if you bet on Jeff Overton to be either first, second or third and bet $10 you will receive $20 for the bet.

Head to Head Finish

The last type of golf bet that can be placed is a head to head finish between two players. In this type of golf bet it doesn’t matter the place of the golfer as long as the golfer that has been betted on finishes higher than the other golfer. It would be displayed as such:

  • Tiger Wood – 190, Steve Stricker + 150

In the above a bet of $10 on Tiger Woods to finish higher than Stricker will win $19.

Golf betting is not too complicated and is easy to pick up.

Check these sites out for more info: – Wikipedia


Golfing Apps – iPhone


Golfing Apps – iPhone

golf apps

There are plenty of awesome golf apps that you are able to use on your iPhone when you play. Here is a look at some of these golf  apps.

Golfing Apps

1. GolfMoolah

GolfMoolah is a great golf app and has scored 3/5 stars.

When you are on the golf course it can become difficult sometimes to keep counting and doing your math, but this where this app steps in as it will keep track of everything for you. The best thing is that you are able to pay your golf bets straight through PayPal and also plug your scores into GHIN.

2. 3D Mini Golf Challenge

The 3D Mini Golf Challenge scored 4.5/5 stars.

This is a fun little app where you are able to play putt-putt in 3D. The great thing about this golfing app is that it is free.

3. Flick Golf Extreme

The Flick Golf Extreme scored 4.5/5 stars.

Flick Golf Extreme is a golfing app that takes golf to the extreme. You are able to tee off at some of the most fun places like aircraft carriers, skyscrapers and even at the canals in Venice.

In order to play this golf game, you will just need to flick your finger across the screen. Once the shot has been hit, you are able to redirect the ball, bend in in the air and spin it.

4. Clipix Price

Clipix app scored 3/5 stars.

The basics of Clipix is that if you are shopping online for clubs, accessories or well anything really, then you are able to gather all the stuff that you like and clip it on to boards which are then organised into categories.

The best thing about Clipix is that it will alert you when your golf gears you want drops in price. You are even able to set the price that you would want to pay and the app will alert you when it drops to this.

These are great little apps that you can use on your iPhone. You can shop, play and bet with these apps and everything is all at the touch of a button.

Golf Betting Tips


Golf Betting Tips

golf betting tips

There are few people who take any thought before they decide on betting on a winner during the majors. Instead they will generally pick a winner for the Masters or Open Championship randomly, however the random tactic might not be the best to use if you are looking to win money when betting on golf.

There are some golf betting tips that you can use.

Golf Betting Tips

1. The Field

When you are looking at backing a player it is a good idea to look at their history in the event or on the course. Also have a look at any of their recent plays so you can take a good measure of how they might play in the particular event or course.

Phil Mickelson for instant hadn’t won a trophy on British soil for 21 years, but he claimed the Scottish Open at Castle Stuarts links to Muirfield. This would have shown what was to come and Mickelson was able to go home with four birdies on Sunday’s back nine.

The Form

You should look at the form of the players before making your choice as some players form is not always at the top especially for players that you would normally think would win.

The Irishman, Rory Mcllroy would usually be a safe bet as golf fans as well as those that are new to betting on golf would assume that he is in good form; however this is not true, as the golfer has had a horrible year thus far and probably should not be bet on.

Tiger Woods has won four tournaments so far this year, but his form during the summer has been quite poor meaning that he most likely does not have the odds in his favour.

The Nationality

There are historic biases towards the tournaments own countrymen like that of the PGA Championship with Americans coming out on top more often. In the PGA Championships, 9 of the 14 PGA Championships have made US winners, with four of these going to Tiger Woods since 1999.

In the PGA you will notice that there are usually more Americans playing the field which will then change the odds in any case. If you bet on an American you are almost guaranteed that one of them will be in the chase of the fourth round.

The Place

One golf betting tip is that it can be tricky to back a winner in golf as all it takes is one bad shot and the tournament will change. A productive way of winning money is to actually bet on the place.

Adam Scott for instance is a place marker that is reliable as he has finished in the top 10 of majors six times since 2011. This then makes him a good golf bet in terms of place.

You will need to look at all these varying factors as golf betting tips before you choose how and who you will be betting on.…

Betting on Golf



If you love Sports Betting and betting on golf in particular, it can be assumed that you bet to win. There are tips, tricks, and even software’s that are available in order for you to bet wisely. Here are some of them.

Seeing as the duration of a game of golf is long and so are the breaks, there will be time for you to adjust your betting position. You should also be updated before and during your place your bet on the players and their position. Ways to check the latest positions and live leader boards is through various websites such as and Shot Tracker on

Another way you can ensure that you are make the most out of your bet is by understanding the players’ methods and previous wins. In particular, be aware of their Par-4 scores. However, be prepared for the unpredictable to occur. The smallest thing such as the weather can affect a player’s performance. You can’t predict how a game will play out due to your knowledge of the players. Anything is possible.

There are also available softwares that can assist you in placing a bet. Backnine Bookie calculates the odds and paints a clearer picture of the conditions that you’re betting in. If you would like to bet online, make sure that the website is reputable and safe. Search for some of the best betting sites.  You may encounter a website that also has a golf betting software.

With all of the help that is around you (online), you will be able to improve your chances of gambling and winning if you take advantage of the available assistance. Make the most of the resources you have, do your homework, then go and place that bet that will have a higher chance of a win.