Strategies for successful golf betting: Tips and tactics to improve your golf betting outcomes

Golf has recently been included in the program of the Summer Olympics. Until recently, this sport was considered an activity for the wealthy and privileged. However, now golf competitions have become more accessible. And if there is an increasing interest in the sport, it means that the number of people placing bets on it is also increasing. In this article we will talk about how to bet on golf correctly, what betting strategies exist and how to implement them correctly.

Strategy #1: “Likely Winners”

The most common golf bet is to predict the tournament winner, and the bets are placed not on a single contender but on several (typically 4 to 7, depending on the competition). All you need to do is analyze the main favorites, look at their performance statistics, and make a selection of several players. We placed a bet on 6 players with the highest chances of winning. A total of N dollars was allocated for each player, amounting to a total of 6N dollars spent. This way, we have multiple potential outcomes based on the odds.

The probability of one of the 6 main favorites winning is extremely high, and this applies to any tournament. Even if you are unlucky in one championship, with good luck in subsequent tournaments, you can quickly recover your investment and earn extra profit. It is not necessary to choose only the top favorites in this strategy. If you learn to analyze matches and players, you can identify “dark horses” with odds that can reach 100.00, which could result in thousands of dollars in winnings.

Strategy #2: “Top Placement”

For this strategy, you need to identify one of the favorites and analyze their performances in recent months. If the player is performing well and everything indicates that they are in good form, you can bet on them to enter the top 5 or top 10 of the tournament. Depending on the competition and the bookmaker, the range of top placements may vary, such as top 6, top 4, or other variations.

For example, the bookmaker gave a coefficient of 1.50 for McIlroy’s entry into the top 10, which was a confident bet that easily succeeded. Moreover, the Northern Irishman made it into the top 5 of the championship, and you could have bet on an even higher coefficient. There was also a bet on him to enter the top 20 of the tournament with a coefficient of 1.20. This was a very reliable outcome that would only fail in the case of an unforeseen force majeure. Under normal conditions, you could bet any amount on the entry of such favorites as McIlroy into the top 20 and calmly watch the end of the competition.

Strategy #3: “Bets on Mid-level Players”

This strategy is based on choosing the bookmakers with the highest odds on golf and analyzing the statistics of previous tournaments. By selecting the current championship and the second-tier favorites, you need to analyze their performance in similar competitions over the past few years.

By identifying the strongest golfers who have achieved high placements in previous tournaments, you can place ordinary bets on their victory in the current championship. The odds for the victory of mid-level players typically range from 20 to 50. Therefore, you can choose at least 20 golfers from the “second tier” who have performed well in the past, and if any of them wins, all the bets will be profitable, with the potential for significant profit with a slightly more favorable outcome.

Strategy #4: “Good Start for Underdogs”

Statistics show that in the first round, most top golfers conserve their energy and have a difficult start. This presents an opportunity for underdogs to take the lead and secure a prize placement after the first round. Therefore, it is worth analyzing “dark horses” and identifying the most promising players among them.

You can then place a bet on the victory of one of them in the first round or hedge your bet by placing such bets on multiple players. Sooner or later, such a bet will be successful, covering all the losses and providing a good profit, as the odds for such events are usually in the double digits.

Strategy #5: “Follow the Trend”

This tactic is applicable to all sports, but it has shown better results in golf. The essence is to track the odds for the victory of various golfers before the start of the championship or individual matches. If the odds for a particular player significantly drop, it indicates that the bookmaker has obtained exclusive information about the player or their competitors.

Therefore, if you have no other ideas for bets, you can simply follow the trend of odds and bet on the victory of those whose odds have drastically decreased before the start of the games.